Panic! at the Disco Is All Urie, All the Time


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Not in this story: the fact that Brendon Urie can quote multiple John Mulaney specials; that we were drinking Golden Road’s Point the Way IPA; that he called himself “such a sentimental little dude” at least twice; and a reasonable geometrical explanation for his perfect floppy hair swoop. In this story: quotes about crossdressing; analysis of what it means to slowly become the only member of a band with intense fans; wonderful insight from the excellent Morgan Kibby, a.k.a. White Sea; and very good photos of this very handsome man and his perfect floppy hair swoop.

The Shadowboxers Are More Than JT’s Best Boys



Come for the Justin Timberlake endorsement, stay for the fact that the dude in the middle titled his college thesis Foucault Steps Out to the Ballpark. That’s the kind of deep dive reportage you can count on from yours truly—I’m, like, soooo good at Google. In all seriousness though, chief among the things that are genuinely remarkable about the Shadowboxers (that band you see above) is how damned hard they work. Chief among the things that were genuinely remarkable about this interview: it took place in a super fancy bathroom that smelled not unlike jalapeños.

10 Years Later WHY?’s ‘Alopecia’ Is Still One of One



Mmusic journalists don’t really share this kind of work but the project is important to me so here it is. I was hired to write the “bio,” “onesheet,” or whatever you prefer to call the press materials being used to promote the 10-year anniversary reissue of one of my very very favorite albums, Alopecia by the band WHY?. My fandom for all things Anticon (the label/collective from whence sprung WHY?) is a well-known fact among those who know me or read anything I published between the years of 2003 and, like, 2018, so I see no sense in hiding this thing that I am really quite proud of. Click through and scroll down. And buy the record if it isn’t sold out already.

KYLE Reveals the Roots of His Happy Rap



First of all, you’ll need a free membership to read this article. But since everyone knows Playboy is for reading articles, that won’t be a problem, right? Didn’t think so. That kind of can-do ‘tude is exactly the thing that’s carried the career of the young, smiley SoCal rapper-singer you see above—KYLE, who, come to think of it, isn’t looking super cheery in that photo. But he certainly sounds like he’s smiling every time he commits lyrics to tape, and in this lil’ profile (as on his new album, Light of Mine) we delve into the creative and psychological sources of all that unusual happiness.

Bhad Bhabie Knows Why These Bitches Are Mad

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 4.29.22 PM.png

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…and it’s fairly complicated. Systemic oppression, unfair comparisons based merely on gender, the fact that they aren’t her. Actually, I grabbed that headline from the photo I’m using. This hails from a very brief interview with the young lady (she’s 15! be nice) in honor of the Billboard Music Awards, but we do—more or less—touch on the aforementioned themes vis à vis said “bitches.”

Lord Huron Pioneer the Sci-Fi L.A. Noir Album

Lord Huron Vide Noir Interview.jpg


I had a trippy conversation with old Los Angeles music pal Ben Schneider of Lord Huron—about the void, the city, time and space, and the all-too-easy-to-forget idea that artists ought not to be bound by convention or expectation when crafting their universe. Fittingly, he called in from the Arctic Circle in the middle of the night on a break from hunting the Aurora Borealis. Learn more about Vide Noir, the band’s third album, by clicking through above. And also by listening to it (it’s really good).

Kendrick’s Pulitzer: L.A. Should Be Proud…ish



Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer Prize for Music. I enjoy this news most as a slap in the face to the Grammys who’ve failed thrice over to give the man his Album of the Year due. So yes, of course Los Angeles should be proud that Lamar’s made history, but we should be a little embarrassed that our own institutions didn’t do nearly enough to help him get there (not that he needs it).

Billboard Cover: One Wild Night with Rae Sremmurd


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My journey with Rae Sremmurd began with a monkey meet-and-greet in Los Angeles and ended at a Las Vegas nightclub in a literal hail of cash. In between, I met the Kings of Woodland Hills, watched the sunset over the desert from a private jet, went on a wild goose chase in search of a huge sack of cash, drank Hip and Hen in a multi-level hotel suite, rode around in a Hulk-green stretch Hummer limo, sat awkwardly at a strip club while one of my subjects threw about $2,000 in roughly 20 minutes, and—best of all—got to spend some quality time (10 hours) with two hard-working sibling sweethearts. Despite all the flash, my biggest takeaway was that, as Jhene Aiko put it and Mike WiLL Made-It confirmed, Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi are “a bundle of joy.”

Mike Posner Is the Most Well-Adjusted Man in Music



Look at that grinning mug (photographed by Pip Cowley). If Mike Posner really did take that pill in Ibiza, you’d guess it was still in his system. In person he’s bright and shining, calm and contemplative, fit and seriously glowing. Drugs didn’t do this, however, Mike did using his very own powerful mind and impressive willpower. And he shares his methods here in hopes that others (artists or workaday strugglers like the rest of us) might realize that they too have all it takes in order to be happy, healthy, and humming along just like this pop star and poet.

How to DIY Tour with Walter Gross, Syko Friend…



…AND MIKE BAGGETTA (sorry Mike!). If you didn’t know, Spotify has a blog that’s meant to be of service to artists. In fact, it is. But some (many? most? all?) of the articles are good reads for the rest of us too. This one that I had the honor to pen is a deep dive into the obvious and not-so-obvious ins and outs of DIY-ing one’s own tour with input from three experts on the subject. One is a speaker-shredding noisenik whose work I’m a huge fan of, Walter Gross. One is a genre-smearing guitar goddess who travels with a dog named Tupelo, Sophie Weil (a.k.a. Syko Friend). One is a jazz-etc. guitar god who just recorded an LP with Mike Watt and Jim Keltner overseen by the mighty Chris Schlarb, Mike Baggetta. Click on through to receive their hard-earned wisdom.