A Lunar Meditation with Walk the Moon


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This was a weird one. With almost no background in the arts of woo-woo (other than being the Berkley-born quartz-loving son of two hippie survivors), I was sent to join in a moon meditation circle with psychological astrologer Danielle Beinstein and, yes, Walk the Moon singer Nicholas Petricca — so, moon meditation “triangle” would be more accurate. In any case, despite the awkwardness inherent in three strangers (one with a recording device) meeting up to share our secrets by the waning light of an impending eclipse, it was a surprisingly natural experience. Petricca and I both spilled our guts while getting to know our respective inner children. Also, though it didn’t fit the article, because of my entry-level status, the meditation eventually morphed into a summit on all things occult. Also: Petricca is on a tarot card (see below).