Review: Blitzen Trapper, ‘Destroyer of the Void’

Blitzen Trapper, Here’s To Taking It Easy (Sub Pop)

Blitzen Trapper, 'Destroyer of the Void'

It takes guts to open a record with a six-minute song that splits the difference between the soft prog of ELO and the folk pop of America…

Rating: 3.5 stars (via Spin)

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Q&A: Blitzen Trapper’s new, weird America

On it’s recent Sub Pop debut, Furr, Portland band Blitzen Trapper tows a wonderfully weird line between Pavement, Beck, Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin. In this interview, singer/songwriter Eric Earley talks plainly about ripping off Dylan, tweaking the format by adding a little Neil Young, and his more literary lyrical influences (i.e. Cormac McCarthy).

Also, the video for “Furr.”