BONNAROO 2010: Reporting from Day Four

Against Me! spreads love, punk rock style (Matt Kiser)

And finally, there was Day Four, a winding down of sorts that climaxed with Dave Matthews Band headlining. Of course, I wasn’t there for that. And I definitely wasn’t somewhere deep in the campgrounds shooting off fireworks. I’ll tell you where I was was, though: covering sets by Against Me! and Zac Brown Band. Read about that, and about a special appearance from one of the ice cream world’s few celebrities, here.

Check out days one, two, and three.

BONNAROO 2010: Reporting from Day Three

Stevie Wonder wields the mighty keytar (Ian Witlen)

Oh, but then there was Day Three, which found Stevie Wonder swinging his mighty keytar against unhappiness and the evils of the world (which on this particular night included the Tea Party phenomenon). It was by far the feel-good moment of the festival (unless you support racism), and you can read about it in depth here.

And in “Best and Worst” coverage, I took on GWAR, Reggie Watts and ISIS, plus Adult Swim’s Unicorn Robot Attack.

BONNAROO 2010: Reporting from Day Two

The Lips unleash a tickertape explosion (Ian Witlen)

Day Two of Bonnaroo was my personal favorite, mostly thanks to the Flaming Lips who not only performed a full set of their own songs (with all the expected fanfare — see above), but covered Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon in full with help from Stardeath and White Dwarfs. Read about that cosmic experience here.

And as on Day One, I contributed to Spin‘s “Best and Worse” coverage alongside some very sharp, funny scribes, this time covering Tenacious D, Damian Marley and Nas, the Gaslight Anthem and LCD Soundsystem.

Also: some serious reporting on McLovin and barf in “In Brief.”

BONNAROO 2010: Reporting from Day One

L.A.'s Local Natives spreads infectiousness (Ian Witlen)

Dear Bonnaroo, you’ve stolen my heart.

Wait, no, I think I just dropped it in front of the What Stage and the mud swallowed it up along with the thousands of orphaned sandals and pot stashes. (What will the anthropologists think?) But seriously, that was four days of excellent festivalling, and I feel honored to have been a part of the incredibly hard-working Spin team for the duration thereof. Click here to access the magazine’s Bonnaroo 2010 homepage, where you’ll find video, photos and text from the trenches. Specific links to follow.

Here’s the Best and Worst of Day One. Yours truly wrote on the xx, Local Natives and the Dodos. Check out days two, three and four.