Feature: Dublab and Goethe Celebrate German Music, from Krautrock to Kraftwerk and Beyond

Dublab meets ze Germans, fine tunes abound.

Though the kick-off already passed, there’s no reason not to get to know the Goethe-Institut (which has offices all over the world) via my recent article in the L.A. Times. The focus is the German cultural institute’s team-up with Dublab, a local non-profit music collective and internet radio station with a similarly international reach. The just-passed event inaugurated the launch of nearly two months of streaming Teutonic tones over at Dublab.com. Read about it here.

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Did YouTube Celebrities Hijack Krautrock Icon For Their Evil Ends? Damo Suzuki Responds!

The topsy-turvy World of Teh Internets has at last collided with the far more sensible, yet still totally futuristic, Land of Legendary Krautrock. Damo Suzuki, singer of the seminal ’70s German band Can, has had his name sullied by the dirt-lovin’ “celebrities” who populate YouTube — or shall we call it, DamoTube. Read about the whole weird thing here.

Impishly evil? Maybe. Tech-savvy? Not a chance.

INCHES reviews ‘Woodstock’, Charizma & PB Wolf, We Break Cameras, Lilofee (MP3s)

Good people, a brand new installment of L.A.’s favorite (only) weekly vinyl column, INCHES, has arrived. Fresh photos, MP3s and reviews of Southern Cali wax. Not to be slept on — this is your guide to this city’s up-and-coming, not to mention a great source for gift ideas, if you’re into that sort of thing. Check it. My pick of the week? We Break Cameras.

We Break Cameras, 'Jock Jams Vol. 2'