Remember the Coachella Cruise?



Posterity Post: I wrote thousands of articles while on staff at SPIN, and blogged none of them.

Well, do you? This guy does. He was there and it was awesome. On the first day, Pulp performed in the boat’s massive internal ballroom, while Broaters on the top deck got gross in the hot tubs. On the second day, Father John Misty played to a bunch of rich, unappreciative assholes, and Grimes hosted a game of bingo. On the third day, James Murphy poured rare wine and Black Lips convinced me to eat escargot. I documented the weirdness for SPIN. Continue reading

Full Time with SPIN, Senior Writer, Los Angeles

Alright, enough with the third person. I am very proud to share that after nearly three years of freelancing for the very publication that inspired me to scribble about music in the first place, I am going full-time with SPIN starting now with the title Senior Writer. (Unofficially, you might also refer to me as West Coast Dude.) So that means fewer updates here, but it also means virtually all of my work will be appearing in one place anyway, so who needs a blog? Read SPIN. Gonna be a lot of news stories, some shared songs and videos, and a great deal of old school reportage, so keep up over there as we kick off a new chapter of web dominance. Match me, Sidney! So begins my year(s) of living dangerously.

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Das Racist Get Wild in NYC with Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire; El-P Fans Get Lost on the Way There?

Was recently in NYC and had the pleasure of seeing Das Racist on their home turf. Better still, El-P was on hand, in the wings for most of the show, and then on stage for a good chunk. As a longtime Jukkie and unapologetic backpacker this was a momentous occasion. My first show at the Bowery in about six years, and out stepped a legend from my past. I expected the crowd to roar. I thought they’d chant his name. Or at least some kind of knowing cock of the head, a raised chin in his direction. But no. The audience was cold. Dressed as they were in tight pants and T-shirts for (perfectly fine) bands like Black Keys and Peter Bjorn and John, as opposed the the ubiquitous three-eyed Hiero signs and J5 button logos of my youth, they had no idea who the fuck they were looking at.

Well, get acquainted, bitches:

Q&A: Anticon’s Sole Leaves The Label He Founded, Label Manager Shaun Koplow Responds

Bum. Out. First Def Jux goes on hiatus, and now Sole leaves Anticon to go his own way. Make no mistake, the label soldiers on, but it’s a bit nail-in-the-coffin for the good old Oakland days — which, granted, took place a full decade ago — when the collective was truly that, a group of fresh-faced outsider artists building themselves a plywood castle to shoot arrows from. Here, I share Sole’s parting message, and talk to label manager Shaun Koplow about the fallout.

Deep Puddle Dynamics: Dose, Slug, Alias, Sole

Excuse our dust… (updates, videos, fun)

Some combination of nasty airborne particulates, awful heat, ill-advised all-nighters, catching up on FAIL Blog and various little stressers has resulted in a full week without updates to Funny Ha Ha. And yet, much has happened in that time. There’s a new installment of INCHES (number 5!), new show picks (including a night of indie rock from the Far East!), some bad news for vinyl heads (or good, if you’re in the market), and also, I suck all of the fun out of a local semi-super group called Music Go Music (here). These entries are being retroactively added to the site so as to hide my (lack of) tracks. And speaking of tracks, here’s what I purchased at Amoeba this week. (More after the jump.)

Bob Dylan – “Visions Of Johanna”
[replacing a lost copy of Blonde On Blonde Remastered]

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