Feature: All Hail King Skinny Shitster, Wavves’ Nathan Williams (Also: He May Be Leaving Fat Possum Records, Definitely Digs Lil Wayne)

Wavves and Snacks the cat -- which one looks more together?

A little while back I had the hazy, kinda strange pleasure of interviewing Wavves’ Nathan Williams in the Los Angeles apartment he shares with girlfriend and Best Coast singer, Bethany Cosentino. What I discovered was the living embodiment of all that on-album ennui — a dude who probably hasn’t sat up straight  since … well, ever. But that may very well be to his music’s advantage, as Wavves’ new album, King of the Beach, is mighty high on my list of the best albums of 2010 so far.

Read the feature, All Hail King Skinny Shitster, over at L.A. Weekly (also in print this week). As a supplement to that, you can check out a few choice scraps from the cutting room floor on West Coast Sound, in the blog post, “Wavves May Leave Fat Possum Records, Wants to Meet Lil Wayne, Plays FYF Fest on Saturday,” whose title is also quite self-explanatory. Also: go to FYF Fest this weekend. You won’t be sorry.

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Barely notable quotables from The A.V. Club

A faithful reader clearly after the A.V. Club heart asked us to regale him with some of our favorite obscure/out-dated/underrated/totally forgotten quotations. At the end of the feature, which includes choice references to Pee-wee’s Playhouse, Rudy Ray Moore and Wet Hot American Summer, you’ll find my entry, rightly dominated by the greatest sketch show that ever was, The State. Check that out here (I’m on page two).

Also, if you haven’t seen this, consider browsing my crowning achievement at Filter: an oral history of The State carved out of interviews with all 11 original members (including, of course, your favorites from Reno 911, Stella and, for those who remember it, Viva Variety). Nifty sidebar too.