OK Go to EMI: ‘Okay… No’

OK Goin' for dolo.

Another EMI band breaks rank. West Coast Sound weighs in

“Last week, West Coast Sound published an interview with the executive producer of the band’s incredible Rube Goldberg-inspired new promo clip, ‘This Too Shall Pass.’ […] Couple the details of the clip with the title of the featured song, and it’s not hard to imagine that incredibly complicated R.G. machine — which involves the destruction of a piano an ends with the band facing an automated firing squad — as metaphorically representing the hulking old industry.”

Glitch Mob Leaves Alpha Pup, Leaks LP Info

glitch mob live

The Glitch Mob performs... or takes drink orders.

Still more questions than answers, but it seems the Low End Theory-reared Glitch Mob crew has left the nest. Via West Coast Sound:

“A recent Mob-related inquiry to Moo’s people revealed that ‘Alpha Pup is no longer releasing the upcoming Glitch Mob album,’ which is another as-long-as-we’ve-known-them sort of thing — the group’s full-length debut has been a long time coming, and perhaps now we know why. […] Likely (speculation alert) it’s a power move that will align the crew with a major label or a larger, more established indie, or, like, Diplo.”

Q&A: Anticon’s Sole Leaves The Label He Founded, Label Manager Shaun Koplow Responds

Bum. Out. First Def Jux goes on hiatus, and now Sole leaves Anticon to go his own way. Make no mistake, the label soldiers on, but it’s a bit nail-in-the-coffin for the good old Oakland days — which, granted, took place a full decade ago — when the collective was truly that, a group of fresh-faced outsider artists building themselves a plywood castle to shoot arrows from. Here, I share Sole’s parting message, and talk to label manager Shaun Koplow about the fallout.

Deep Puddle Dynamics: Dose, Slug, Alias, Sole