Live In LA: ‘New Moon’ Stars Kick Off Mall Tour (Death Cab For Cutie, Anya Marina, Sea Wolf, Band Of Skulls + ‘Twilight’ Cast)

On Friday, I had the weird and esteemed honor of attending the kick-off event for the mall tour put together by Hot Topic and the good folks of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Of course, if all you came for was the eight-minute performance by Death Cab For Cutie, you might not have known Hot Topic was involved — all logos were hidden and banners rolled up for their micro set. Then again, considering the presence of the ├╝ber-dreamy cast — not too mention longer performances by Anya Marina, Sea Wolf and Band Of Skulls — I’m sure the subtler details went to the wayside.

Read about it here (via Spin). Bad quality, but proof they actually showed:

Vamos a Guatemala!

Howdy there web friend. Things will be a little quieter around Funny Ha Ha for a little bit, as this blog’s sole author/editor is heading to Guatemala tomorrow morn. I’ve got a ton of fresh work dropping while I’m gone, starting with this somewhat unusual Dirty Projectors piece, Balls Deep In The R&B (via LA Weekly). I’ll attempt brief updates from time to time but all bets are off until my return. Fresh jungle air is calling…