INCHES010: Pelican, James Pants, Foot Village, 60 Watt Kid, Meanest Man Contest (+ video!)

INCHES010 really is the best INCHES yet. Not a bum photo, with clean text on four (count ’em) super solid releases from L.A. -area artists and/or labels, AND a music video debut from Foot Village. Each piece of wax covered this week is short-form — one 12-inch, three sevens — so this week’s MP3s come from other sources. Still, it’s free music, and we all like that. Congrats to Fool’s Gold, who comes in at number two on Origami Vinyl’s sales chart.

Like BeyoncĂ© said: “If you like it, then you better put a tweet on it.”

James Pants Thin Moon

James Pants' "Thin Moon"

Meet Brothers Backword

The Bomarr Blog has the exclusive on the musical debut of a heretofore shrouded project featuring Passage of Anticon and Restiform Bodies. The Stupid Intelligent Mixtape, by Brothers Backword, is free for download and features 20+ minutes of danceable rap spit and sung by Passage and vocalist Mike Busse. It’s highly stylish stuff — smart and fun — and it incorporates a dozen or so fantastic song samples and partial covers. Find the Fugazi snippet.

Also Restiform-relevant: there’s been a spate of music-related plagiarism cases in the news lately, and I’d venture to say the RBs could have a case. Witness, first, the title and album art of their most recent album, TV Loves You Back:

And now, the just-announced, quite similar title and rather busted cover art of the upcoming DVD from, ahem, Starbucks artist Sia:

You can also read about Restiform Bodies in this mini feature I wrote from BPM last year. Sadly, that magazine just retired its printing press.