The Best of Coachella 2012 Weekend One: M83, Jeff Mangum, Hologram Tupac, Refused, A$AP Rocky, At the Drive-In, Death Grips, Azealia Banks and more…

It was Aural Standards’ ninth Coachella (and tenth, counting Weekend Two), but it may have been our most memorable yet. While Sacramento’s Death Grips left a deep, seeping impression in our minds (boot-shaped) and Hologram Tupac enjoys a second life as a lasting meme, it was the reunions that did us in. Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea and Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come are two of our favorite albums of all time (At the Drive-In’s Relationship of Command flies high on that list as well), but never did we imagine we’d witness those songs performed live by the folks who actually made ’em (NMH auteur Jeff Mangum was billed as a solo act). Cheers to the folks at Goldenvoice for throwing scads of money at the problem until it resolved itself. Here are our five faves from each of the first three days. Below is a list of what we covered with excerpted bits. Click on the DAY to read full reviews at SPIN.

1. Refused: thick, primal slabs of punk that seemed to rattle the scaffolding…
2. Death Grips: Run DMC meets Aerosmith, cranked on incredibly foul PCP…
3. M83: doors opening infinitely to bigger and bigger doors, a galactic gasp…
4. Frank Ocean: for the line about Coachella, the screams were deafening…
5. The Rapture: rogue groups of get-down circles spilling from the sides…

1. Jeff Mangum: he opened his mouth and for 50 minutes, we were his…
2. Flying Lotus:  a wild genre-crushing journey, heady but head-knocking…
3. Black Lips:  Cole dropped trou and executed a searing solo with, well…
4. Azealia Banks: fast-rapping and boasting over minimal sub-bass rumble…
5. A$AP Rocky:  a perfect storm of N.W.A., Public Enemy and Bone Thugs…

1. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg: who rose from below the stage but Tupac himself…
2. At the Drive-In: a high-octane inferno of post-hardcore mania…
3. AraabMUZIK: conducting a symphony of melody, effects and percussion…
4. Le Butcherettes: she ran out into the field, arms out like an airplane…
5. Gotye: the massive human traffic jam stretched 50 yards in every direction…

Tomorrow, we get caught up with Weekend Two.

Download an Album’s Worth of Songs Free: Baths, Franks, Pukes, Wallpaper, Papa, Lord Huron, Jeans Wilder, Big Search and more

In honor of the seven-night, 14-band spectacular going down at the Downtown Independent in honor of The Scenesters screening, we’ve got an album’s worth of songs for you — one from every artist on the bill.

Tickets here. Or, pay $15 at the venue to come back all week.

DOWNLOAD: The Scenesters Run L.A., the Album [zip file]
Or, here: via Mediafire.

Stream the entire thing after the jump.

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Terribly Awesome. The Inglorious Pukes.

The Inglorious Pukes of Noah Harmon (Airborne Toxic Event)

They were the Pukes. Then the Glamorous Pukes. Then the Glorious Pukes. And now, Inglorious Pukes. But who are they really? Kevin Bronson of Buzz Bands L.A. has the scoop, and an MP3 to share.

The [__] Pukes perform at the Downtown Independent theater alongside Captain Ahab on Tuesday, August 24, after The Scenesters screens.

TICKETS HERE. For an extra five bones at the door, come back every night! Pay tonight (Slang Chix and PAPA), get in free tomorrow!

Buzz Bands L.A. Shares a Tune from Glamorous Pukes (Airborne Toxic Event, M83, El Bronx)

Anna Bulbrook and Noah Harmon of the Airborne Toxic Event cover the Misfits as Glamorous Pukes

Esteemed L.A. music journalist Kevin Bronson, who runs the Buzz Bands L.A. blog as well as writes for everyone in the known universe, spilled some very kind ink on “The Scenesters Run L.A.” series at the Downtown Independent, which he’s dubbed “a mini-festival.”

He also debuted and exclusive MP3 from Glorious Pukes, the country-flavored Misfits cover band playing the event on Tuesday, August 24.

Bronson breaks down the convoluted membership of the group “concocted by the Airborne Toxic Event’s Noah Harmon … [with] a lineup featuring TATE bandmate Anna Bulbrook, M83’s Morgan Kibby and members of Mariachi El Bronx, the Actual, the Fresh and the Naked Banjo Man.”

LISTEN: A Special Playlist Featuring Every Band to Play ‘The Scenesters’ L.A. Event

UPDATE 2: All Things Considered featured the event and debuted a free MP3 from Thursday night performer Lord Huron. Get it.

UPDATE 1: Buzz Bands L.A. featured the event and debuted a free MP3 from Tuesday night supergroup Glamorous Pukes.

We at Funny Ha Ha like SoundCloud almost to a fault (we may actually have three free accounts), but our indulgence is your guilt-free gain. In honor of our very own music + film festival (basically) that kicks off THIS FRIDAY at the Downtown Independent, we’ve assembled a playlist featuring music from each of the announced artists on the 14-band bill.

Almost every track can be downloaded, excepting the two offered up via the L.A. Times and L.A. Weekly (links to those here). Dig in:

Also, watch the most recent trailer for The Scenesters, featuring Wallpaper’s “I Got Soul, I’m So Wasted,” after the jump:

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The Scenesters Run LA: a Week of Music + Film feat. Baths, the Franks, Captain Ahab, Pukes All-Stars, Big Search, Jeans Wilder and More!

The Scenesters Run LA: 14 bands, 4 dead hipsters, 1 hilarious whodunnit.

14 bands, 4 dead hipsters, 1 hilarious whodunnit.



The Vacationeers and Funny Ha Ha (music journalist Chris Martins) are proud to announce the lineup for a week-long film + music series at Los Angeles’ Downtown Independent theater starting Friday, August 20.

We’re dubbing the event “The Scenesters Run L.A.” because: one, this is the seven-night theatrical run of the award-winning film, The Scenesters, a music-inspired black comedy/murder mocumentary set in Silver Lake; and two, the talent amassed for this 14-artist bill does, indeed, run L.A.

Both L.A. Times and L.A. Weekly have previewed the event, giving away exclusive MP3s from bands set to attend (Spirit Animal and PAPA, respectively). They also shared the news that rising L.A. beat scene star Baths is Sunday’s secret headliner.

Each night, the film voted “Best Comedy” of the Hollywood Film Festival and “Most Interesting” of Slamdance will show at 8:00 p.m., followed by two live performances — from acts as diverse as the Franks, Captain Ahab, Glamorous Pukes (members of the Airborne Toxic Event and M83), Jeans Wilder, Le Switch, Big Search (Matt Popieluch of Foreign Born), and many more, including secret special guests.

Tickets to see both the film and the music are $10 and can be purchased in advance through the Downtown Independent’s website. A handful of the bands are actually featured in the film, and many plan to use the setting to their advantage, which means a big-screen audio-visual feast.


The full schedule:

A secret special guest of the funkiest persuasion (hint: IT’S WALLPAPER!) headlines with support from Sister Mantos, lo-fi mutant disco from the City of Angeles. Expect video galore.

Spirit Animal, the band fronted by former rapper and epicurean blogger Gray Kid, bring the live soul, while Le Switch — who’s name ties into one of the film’s murders — specialize in loud folk and earnest indie rock.

San Diego’s sun-damaged tropical chillwave beacon Jeans Wilder opens for L.A. beat scene star Baths, who will be playing from his nothing short of mind-blowing Anticon Records debut, Cerulean.

Slang Chickens, of Los Angeles, provide the garage rock grind and some purty folksy notes, while their cross-coastal brother band (literally) New York’s PAPA grace us with some epic-flavored mini anthems.

The insane two-man techno-rap wrecking crew Captain Ahab headline. Meanwhile, an all-star lineup of the country-western Misfits cover band Glamorous Pukes will feature members of the Airborne Toxic Event, M83, Mariachi El Bronx, Learning Music, Saul Williams’ band and more.

Foreign Born singer and Fools Gold guitarist Matt Popieluch makes hi-fi layered bedroom folk as Big Search. With a secret special guest SWEATERS, who hail from L.A.’s storied underground.

Show-stoppers The Franks present a ripping array of raw, hook-laden econo jams, and Lord Huron sound something like Paul Simon on glo-fi drugs singing inside of My Morning Jacket’s grain silo.

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