L.A. Experiential: Dan Deacon, Nuclear Power Pants; Neal Morgan, Pit Er Pat, more

If you live in/around the L.A. area, seriously consider attending these:

  • Region: Eagle Rock
    Music: Dan Deacon, Nuclear Power Pants
    Vitals: Eagle Rock Center For The Arts on Friday, October 16
    (details at LA Weekly — scroll down).
  • Region: Echo Park
    Music: Neal Morgan, Pit Er Pat, WHQLES, Concett9
    Vitals: Echo Curio on Monday, October 19
    (details at LA Weekly)

Zestfully mean

The A.V. Club recently released its “Spring Music” issue highlighting some fresh faces for the freshest of seasons. I spoke to Dan Deacon, Adam “doseone” Drucker (Themselves) and Bill Callahan, though not a single one of them seemed too stoked for the season. In fact, they were respectively cranky, aggressive and ponderous — but I’ll be damned if they didn’t give great interview.