Justin Bieber Rape Faux Pas, CSI Death

Bieber dies (on CSI) for our sins.

This was a slutty post to begin with (journalistically speaking), so I’m going to blog it again here while she’s still got some legs. Bieber-bashing. At least it gets the comments section rolling. Take, for instance, this guy — main bro to Terri Schiavo and Mama Teresa. Out of the woodwork we come:

Did Justin Bieber Really Tell Rolling Stone Rape ‘Happens for a Reason?’

Watch the little guy get shot up after the jump, just cuz.

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Sole & Skyrider Shed Light On 9-11 and the Internets, Again Advocate Eugenics

Sole‘s new album with the Skyrider band won’t be coming out on Anticon, but it will be brimming with all of the political ire, sarcastic self-deprecation and critic-baiting you’ve come to expect from that label’s founder. It’s good. Real good, and to celebrate Plastique‘s pending arrival on Fake Four, Sole’s spreading some knowledge. Check out the two vids below, and the first one here.

Sole And The Skyrider Band hit L.A. on October 15, at the Knitting Factory.

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