FRIDAY: Jesse Miller Talk Show with Jean Don’t of the Franks and Hit City U.S.A. (music + interview)

Jesse Miller meets Jean Don’t of The Franks (a.k.a. Hit City U.S.A. co-founder Colin Stutz) THIS FRIDAY at the Improv Comedy Lab at 10pm as the JMTS returns to its regular time and venue after a special one-off featuring Vice Cooler. This month’s other guests are Jon Daly (Human Giant), Melissa Villasenor (America’s Got Talent) and Scott Gairdner (Funny Or Die). $5. On Facebook.

The Franks with “Neon Politik”:

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Q&A: Themselves’ Doseone Talks About His Bizarro YouTube Comedy Series, TVhaha

Doseone and Jel enjoy a decidedly laugh-free sunset.

Last week, West Coast Sound caught up with Anticon linchpin Doseone (Themselves, Subtle, 13 & God, Crook & Flail) to talk about one of his more unlikely side-projects, TVhaha. He and his right-hand beatsmith Jel are responsible for a hilarious and totally bizarre YouTube comedy series that involves butchering ’80s and ’90s cinematic gems (the Van Damme oeuvre, for instance), then improvising new dialogue overtop.

Check that out, along with some clips, here.

We’re number one on Amazon!

It’s not out until October 13, but The A.V. Club‘s “Inventory” book (see earlier entry) is currently the number one best seller in two categories: Music > History & Criticism, and Movies > History & Criticism. I added my two cents, mainly as related to Mike Patton, Brotha Lynch Hung, and The State.

The book’s actual title is Inventory: 16 Films Featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls, 10 Great Songs Nearly Ruined By Saxophone And 100 More Obsessively Specific Pop-Culture Lists, and you can read more about it here.

Barely notable quotables from The A.V. Club

A faithful reader clearly after the A.V. Club heart asked us to regale him with some of our favorite obscure/out-dated/underrated/totally forgotten quotations. At the end of the feature, which includes choice references to Pee-wee’s Playhouse, Rudy Ray Moore and Wet Hot American Summer, you’ll find my entry, rightly dominated by the greatest sketch show that ever was, The State. Check that out here (I’m on page two).

Also, if you haven’t seen this, consider browsing my crowning achievement at Filter: an oral history of The State carved out of interviews with all 11 original members (including, of course, your favorites from Reno 911, Stella and, for those who remember it, Viva Variety). Nifty sidebar too.

Remember Mitch Hedberg

He was one of the funniest comics of his generation, and an extremely kind man. I just dug up some old articles to post to the archives, and found this. Also added some ancient ink on Modest Mouse, Damian Marley, and My Morning Jacket. Been needing some overwrought article openers? Look no further.

As is the case with virtually all of the Filter stuff on here, the text comes in PDF form, which makes for a long load-time. More importantly, watch some Mitch: