MP3, Shred Edition: Hydra Head Records, Random Patterns, Slim Barton, Badgers!

Torche, Hydra Head thrash kings

We’re getting caught up on two weeks of intense blogging for West Coast Sound, and we now present to you some tasty MP3 and/or streaming works. This is the Shred Edition (with some twang thrown in too).

  1. FEATURED: 22 Songs of Shred and Doom from Hydra Head*
  2. Free Album from Psychedelic Random Patterns
  3. Slim Barton and James Moore’s ‘Poor Convict Blues’
  4. ‘Los Angeles’ by Leslie & the Badgers, on Thirty Tigers
  5. Saddam, Barack, Hillary Cameo in Henry Clay People Clip
  6. ‘Claws’ By Local Gaze-Pop Outfit Luna Is Honey
  7. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

* “As far as gift-giving goes, this one may be arriving out of season, but L.A. metal-of-many-stripes institution Hydra Head Records has just dropped the free 22-song digital sampler, Phoning It In.”

Watch: Or The Whale’s Americana Striptease, ‘Rusty Gold’ (NSFW) [MP3]

More news from moi on West Coast Sound. Ramping up the sensationalism for kicks (and hits).

Admirers of the male figure (beardy Americana variety) take note: indie alt-country band Or, The Whale has just released a video for “Rusty Gold,” and it features a fella fitting that description wearing nothing more than the scruff on his chin.

Read on to watch the video and download the song.