Inventory: Unconventional Recording Spaces (with My Morning Jacket, Gorillaz, Mike Patton)

Cartoon bands don't use studios!

The A.V. Club Inventory feature is simultaneously the geekiest and most well-regarded thing I’m involved with. Usually I’m stunned into silence at the endless sea of pop culture knowledge that the other contributors cup in their hands like so many haphazardly hocked loogies. It makes me a little ill actually, but just this once, I was able to pitch in. The subject: 24 Unconventional Recording Spaces. I wrote on: Mike Patton (#12), Gorillaz (#14) and My Morning Jacket (#23). <Click that for an ancient bonus.

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Remember Mitch Hedberg

He was one of the funniest comics of his generation, and an extremely kind man. I just dug up some old articles to post to the archives, and found this. Also added some ancient ink on Modest Mouse, Damian Marley, and My Morning Jacket. Been needing some overwrought article openers? Look no further.

As is the case with virtually all of the Filter stuff on here, the text comes in PDF form, which makes for a long load-time. More importantly, watch some Mitch: