News: New Abe Vigoda Song, We Are the World Video, Plus Baths, What Laura Says, Big Search

Abe Vigoda, not throwing shade

Quick bloggy bits from around the L.A. underground (and up). Share ’em.

  1. FEATURED: Abe Vigoda Goes All ’80s On New ‘Crush’ LP*
  2. Baths Guest for Fol Chen Record Release at The Echo
  3. We Are the World channel Manson in New Video
  4. ‘Lambhair McDaniel,’ by Devendra Banhart Favorite
  5. Popieluch of Foreign Born and Fool’s Gold as Big Search

(all stories via West Coast Sound, via L.A. Weekly)

* The press release for Crush promises “glassy shards of ‘cold wave’ pop, with synthesisers, sequencers and altogether broodier beats.”

When you’re strange…

Well, you get things written about you. Last week, LA Weekly released its annual “People” issue (a tome, really) rounding up the sundry stories of all kinds of odd ducks, innovators, heroes and culture-makers. I wrote about a fabulous man who plans to change this city through dance and probably will, a trio of life-long vagabonds who are bringing Balkan busking to L.A., and a pair of women who started a “time bank” in Echo Park.

Oh, and said vagabonds are also part of Killsonic, the 24-piece mobile ensemble that stormed the Red Line in January.