SPIN: Coolio Relives 1994 Through Music

Coolio SPIN Chris Martins West Side


My final act as a SPIN staffer was to lock myself, photographer Nathaniel Wood, and Coolio in a small conference room with a laptop fulla hit songs from 1994 — the very same year that gave us “Fantastic Voyage,” of course. We played a hybridized game of “jukebox jury” and “name that tune,” and Coolio shared some wild memories about 2Pac, Nirvana, ICP, and Boyz II Men.


Friday Night’s Set = Na$ty New Jack @ Top Tape (Hyperion Tavern, Silver Lake)

All cassingles. All New Jack Swing. All sex jams. (Photo by Matthewdavid)

“Why can’t we go all the way
to the top,the fullest extreme?
The sounds I hear when you’re with
me express the way that you feel.
And you say … uhh … ahh.”

Had the extreme pleasure of spooling (like “spinning,” but with cassettes) at Dublab’s Top Tape night at the Hyperion Tavern on Friday night. So did amazing folks like Walter Gross, Jonwayne, Speculator, Matthewdavid, Frosty and DJ Crazy Scotty Straight from Rehab. Me? Gil DeVoe? Eh?

These aren’t the exact vrsns, but a great (the best?) way to begin the week:

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LA Upcoming: 826LA, Boyz II Men, Little Boots

A short list of recommended L.A.-area shows for the coming week (plus videos for instant gratification). Click “details” for descriptions.

  • Region: Echo Park
    Music: The Submarines, The Growlers, Pity Party, Summer Darling
    Vitals: Echoplex on Saturday, March 6
    (details at LA Weekly)
  • Region: Downtown
    Music: Boyz II Men
    Vitals: Club Nokia on Saturday, March 6
    (details at LA Weekly)
  • Region: Miracle Mile
    Music: Little Boots, Dragonette, Class Actress
    Vitals: El Rey on Wednesday, March 10
    (details at LA Weekly)