Q&A: Themselves’ Doseone Talks About His Bizarro YouTube Comedy Series, TVhaha

Doseone and Jel enjoy a decidedly laugh-free sunset.

Last week, West Coast Sound caught up with Anticon linchpin Doseone (Themselves, Subtle, 13 & God, Crook & Flail) to talk about one of his more unlikely side-projects, TVhaha. He and his right-hand beatsmith Jel are responsible for a hilarious and totally bizarre YouTube comedy series that involves butchering ’80s and ’90s cinematic gems (the Van Damme oeuvre, for instance), then improvising new dialogue overtop.

Check that out, along with some clips, here.

MP3: Wallpaper + Donwill = ‘Love Junkie’

Wallpaper's a junkie for your love.

Short, but sweet:

Download this track now. Don’t even stream it first — there’s no need. It’ll live in your headphones for weeks, and (it hopes) eventually worm its way onto that springtime barbecue jam playlist you’re so diligently developing. For the uninitiated, Donwill is an excellent rapper from the East Coast/Midwest trio Tanya Morgan, and the Park are a badass group of Bay Area dudes who lend their riddim section to all kinds of great acts. And if you read this blog, you should already know who Wallpaper is.

We hear Questlove is a fan.

Q&A: Anticon’s Sole Leaves The Label He Founded, Label Manager Shaun Koplow Responds

Bum. Out. First Def Jux goes on hiatus, and now Sole leaves Anticon to go his own way. Make no mistake, the label soldiers on, but it’s a bit nail-in-the-coffin for the good old Oakland days — which, granted, took place a full decade ago — when the collective was truly that, a group of fresh-faced outsider artists building themselves a plywood castle to shoot arrows from. Here, I share Sole’s parting message, and talk to label manager Shaun Koplow about the fallout.

Deep Puddle Dynamics: Dose, Slug, Alias, Sole