INCHES reviews Petrojviv Blasting Co.’ Debut LP, ‘A History of Public Relationsh Dilemmae’

Petrojvic Blasting Co., 'A History of Public Relations Dilemmae'

Friends, Balkans, Hollywood Farmers Market regulars, lend me your ears. INCHES has returned in its new, slimmed-down form. One L.A. vinyl release a week, with all the amenities you’ve come to expect: photo, MP3, reviews, purchase info, and a sales chart from a local wax merchant. This week, I’m proud to cover the full-length vinyl debut of the Petrojvic Blasting Co. I had the pleasure to interview these fellas for the Killsonic feature in LA Weekly, and for last year’s “People” issue, and they’re good men, deserving of a good record.

Check it out.

LA Upcoming: E-40, The Blasting Company

A short list of recommended L.A.-area shows for the coming week (plus videos for instant gratification). Click “details” for descriptions.

  • Region: Sunset Strip
    Music: E-40, Eyedrop, Da Paranormal, Bellz, The Circuit, Precise
    Vitals: The Key Club on Saturday, March 13
    (details at LA Weekly)
  • Region: Silver Lake
    Music: Les Blanks, The Blasting Company,* Francisco the Man
    Vitals: Spaceland on Wednesday, March 17
    (details at LA Weekly)

Read a feature on the Blasting Company, a.k.a. the Petrojvic brothers, here.

When you’re strange…

Well, you get things written about you. Last week, LA Weekly released its annual “People” issue (a tome, really) rounding up the sundry stories of all kinds of odd ducks, innovators, heroes and culture-makers. I wrote about a fabulous man who plans to change this city through dance and probably will, a trio of life-long vagabonds who are bringing Balkan busking to L.A., and a pair of women who started a “time bank” in Echo Park.

Oh, and said vagabonds are also part of Killsonic, the 24-piece mobile ensemble that stormed the Red Line in January.