When you’re strange…

Well, you get things written about you. Last week, LA Weekly released its annual “People” issue (a tome, really) rounding up the sundry stories of all kinds of odd ducks, innovators, heroes and culture-makers. I wrote about a fabulous man who plans to change this city through dance and probably will, a trio of life-long vagabonds who are bringing Balkan busking to L.A., and a pair of women who started a “time bank” in Echo Park.

Oh, and said vagabonds are also part of Killsonic, the 24-piece mobile ensemble that stormed the Red Line in January.

2 thoughts on “When you’re strange…

  1. Michael Stein-Ross says:

    Regarding your piece on the Echo Park time bank: Perhaps the most powerful product of a time bank, which you inferred but did not state explicitly, is a new way of assigning value. Humbling for some and empowering for others. A lawyer’s time being just as valuable as a plumber’s? Hell yeah. Wall street time = main street time. It’s about time.

    • chris martins says:

      You’re right Michael. And that’s one of the first things people seem to take issue with: “Well, how is it fair that a doctor’s hour of expertise, say, is worth the same as giving someone a lift to the airport or mending their pants?” The short answer, to paraphrase Autumn, is, “It’s fair if you think it’s fair.” The system brings out the generous in people — you can’t be forced to do anything you don’t offer, yet you’ll find legal services there alongside equally important but too often socially discredited services like childcare. But you said it best: Wall Street time = Main Street time.

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