MP3: Wallpaper + Donwill = ‘Love Junkie’

Wallpaper's a junkie for your love.

Short, but sweet:

Download this track now. Don’t even stream it first — there’s no need. It’ll live in your headphones for weeks, and (it hopes) eventually worm its way onto that springtime barbecue jam playlist you’re so diligently developing. For the uninitiated, Donwill is an excellent rapper from the East Coast/Midwest trio Tanya Morgan, and the Park are a badass group of Bay Area dudes who lend their riddim section to all kinds of great acts. And if you read this blog, you should already know who Wallpaper is.

We hear Questlove is a fan.

Also: Wallpaper Debuts Sax In Sac

Because it’s been a hot minute since I’ve reported any news on Wallpaper, I figure it’s a good time to share this. The video quality isn’t the best (shaky, low light, bad framing), but frontman Eric Frederic’s duds are sweet, and dude’s rocking the live saxophone at a small venue in Sacramento. The funk quotient has been upped.

Wallpaper Lands Fantastic SF Weekly Cover Story By Music Editor Jennifer Maerz

Apologies for an excessive amount of Wallpaper coverage, but what’s a blog for if you can’t get personal from time to time? Eric Frederic, the main brain at the center of the Wallpaper duo (as well as the Facing New York project), is one of my dearest friends. I’m not positive about this, but I do believe I was at his first band’s first ever show, at a small Pinole bakery down the street from our high school. He’s been an incredible writer of music since before we met, and as often happens with true talent, success by a grand societal scale has always just eluded his work. But there’s change in the air, and hard work does yield results, and those results taste all the sweeter if they had to age a little bit along the way. Please click here to read an exceptionally spot-on piece written by SF Weekly‘s music editor, Jennifer Maerz, on the occasion of the release of Wallpaper’s debut LP, the lovingly titled Doodoo Face.

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