The Pop Factory Next Door: Inside L.A.’s Home Studios



Live in Los Angeles? Home studios are everywhere in this city, and whether you listen to Top 40 or buy vinyl from Vacation, there’s a better than bad chance that some of the music you love was made in a residence near you. Maybe even next door. With the help of pop producer Ricky Reed, Grizzly Bear’s bassist/utilities man Chris Taylor, the irrepressible, and a few folks behind the scenes, I give you this quick but kinda deep dive into the world of home-recording, which, as it turns out, happens to be the world that the rest of us live in… only, sometimes Kesha stops by.

Review: Fuck Black Eyed Peas. [Period.]

Just stop. Seriously. Stop. No really. Stop. For real. Stop. has talent. He shows it all the time on others’ songs. But when it comes to his own shit … god, it just … sucks. You can read my less profane take on The Beginning via the A.V. Club, or skip it, because you already hate them and who cares, right? Then again, one Twitter denizen said this:

“There’s nothing quite like a well-written pan. I read this one twice. (Nicely done, @CLMartwits.)”

Then again — again — he works for the A.V. Club too. Hmm. Read it. Read the comment section too. It’s better written, probably.

Roundup: WHY? + Blond Chili, Avi Buffalo Gossip, Ben Harper + Flea?, Masked Musicians

Quick bloggy bits from the L.A. underground (and up):

(via West Coast Sound, LA Weekly)