SXSW 2011 Day 2: Wu-Tang Clan, Prince Rama, Gary Wilson, B-Boys and Violins, more

Odd Future, because this is what a Wu show should look like. (Ian Witlen)

On the second day of SXSW, my true love gave to me, five-eights of Wu-Tang, two dirty hippies, and a freeeeak with a bag on his head. Day One was an absolutely ecstatic experience for me, but Day Two got me a lil bummed. First, in discovering how obnoxious Prince Rama apparently is live (despite being pretty swell on record). Second, in waiting no less than two hours to watch the Wu-Tang Clan perform to positively “meh” results. Three, in seeing a kid get hit by a car, then scamper wounded into the night on the bank of the Colorado River. It was his fault, but that didn’t keep the event from being a shocking collision with reality. But it wasn’t all bad:

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Live In LA: The GZA Performs ‘Liquid Swords’ at the Echoplex… with RZA and Killah Priest

Well hot damn. On Friday night, GZA came to town and he wasn’t alone. Not hardly. In addition to a large posse of unfamiliar (though talented) rap understudies, The Genius brought RZA and Killah Priest along for the ride. They performed most of the classic Liquid Swords album, along with a bunch of other hits. I got nostalgic with this one. Took it all the way back to freshman year in high school. Steve Plant, if you’re out there, holler.

The RZA, razor sharp.

LA Upcoming: GZA; The Hot Rats + Lemon Sun

A short list of recommended L.A.-area shows for the coming week (plus videos for instant gratification). Click “details” for descriptions.

The Genius to enlighten Echo Park.

  • Region: Echo Park
    Music: GZA, Curtains + DJ Dark Alley
    TONIGHT at Echoplex!!!
    (details at LA Weekly)
  • Region: West Hollywood
    Music: The Hot Rats + Lemon Sun
    The Troubadour on Thursday, January 21
    (details at LA Weekly)