All Things Considered: Best L.A. Music with Foreign Born, Nosaj Thing and Nite Jewel

Care to hearĀ  the best songs from the L.A. underground in 2009? Click on over to KPCC, where I visited last week in order to talk to All Things Considered host Alex Cohen about three of my favorites. Discussed: Foreign Born’s “Vacationing People,” Nosaj Thing’s “Coat Of Arms,” and Nite Jewel’s “Artificial Intellience,” as well as the scenes/movements each artist represents. Listen to the audio by clicking the little play button at the top of the article, and feel free to download each song via the side panel.

Foreign Born take a victory lap.

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Music Go Music Revealed: Bodies Of Water, Chapin Sisters, Mezzanine Owls, others (MP3 + vids)

Secretly Canadian has signed a new L.A.-based band whose membership has been kept, well, secret. Until, that is, West Coast Sound blew the lid off of that mason jar. With a little bit of elbow grease and lots of Googling, Music Go Music‘s makeup has been revealed in its entirety, here (via LA Weekly), where you can download the ABBA-loving outfit’s music and watch them perform in outfits that ABBA would probably love.

Music Go Music go fencing?

Music Go Music go fencing?