Review: Pantha Du Prince Flipped on ‘Versions’

Panatha Du Prince, "XI Versions of Black Noise"

At first, the track listing for XI Versions Of Black Noise seems deliberately confounding. Much of the remix album is devoted to only two tracks from the German producer-DJ’s 2010 minimalist techno breakthrough, Black Noise, and the guest list is glaringly light on crossover appeal …

But … what? There’s gotta be a but, right? Read the full review at The A.V. Club.

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Review: Jamie of the XX Reinvents Gil Scott-Heron for the Hipster Set

Jamie XX and Gil Scott-Heron, "We're New Here"

For more than two decades, younger artists have been reinterpreting the work of legendary spoken-word poet and rap forefather Gil Scott-Heron. He’s been sampled, quoted, name-dropped, and featured by Common, Blackalicious, Aesop Rock, and Public Enemy. One of his famous poems from the ’60s took up a startling amount of real estate on Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy last year, even as Scott-Heron returned with a stunner of a new album, his first since 1994, I’m New Here. The man’s relevance is established (gilded), so is a remixed version of his latest necessary, or is We’re New Here—a reinterpretation by The XX producer Jamie Smith—simply hype-mongering?

Read the rest of the review over at the A.V. Club.

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News: Music’s Worst Hats, Space Thump from Yuk, Origami On Vinyl, Baths Rmxes Brad Laner

Jay Kay wasn't just kidding with his headgear.

Quick bloggy bits from around the L.A. underground (and up). Share ’em.

  1. FEATURED: The Ten Worst Hats in Modern Music History*
  2. MP3: Space Thump from Producer Yuk from My Hollow Drum
  3. Echo Park’s Origami Vinyl Hosts Album Making Seminar
  4. MP3: Beat Star Baths Remixes L.A. Legend Brad Laner

(all stories via West Coast Sound, via L.A. Weekly)

* “We’re pretty sure Empire of the Sun derives its power from the insane headdresses of frontman Luke Steele. Out of, erm, respect to that epiphany, we present to you the ten most hideous, god awful, what-in-the-funk-where-they-thinking hats in modern music history.

Mayer Hawthorne Hooks Up with Virginia Beat-Maker Nottz, Drops Etched 12-Inch for ‘I Need You’

News: Dntel Rmx’s Baths, Dengue Fever on Jeopardy, Superhumanoids Vs. MMC, plus KCRW and Madame Wong’s

Dntel, producer for the Postal Service

Quick blog bits from around the L.A. underground (and up). Share ’em.

  1. FEATURED: MP3: Baths Remixed by Postal Service Producer*
  2. Dengue Fever Pick Up ‘Jeopardy’ and ‘True Blood’ Nods
  3. MP3: Superhumanoids Remix Meanest Man Contest
  4. MP3: KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole Drops Quantic Megamix
  5. Wavves Plays Madame Wong’s Before It Closes

(all stories via West Coast Sound, via L.A. Weekly)

* An atmospheric opening with a looming bass line eventually breaks into the kind of low-key four-on-the-floor while chopped horns, strings and vocals enhance the dueling dynamic of chill vs. hyped, in Dntel’s remix of Bath’s “Rain Smell.”

Mayer Hawthorne Hooks Up with Virginia Beat-Maker Nottz, Drops Etched 12-Inch for ‘I Need You’

News Roundup: Franz vs. Foot, Elvis Perkins, Free Languis LP, Mayer RMXs Snoop, El Guincho

El Guincho rides again.

Quick bloggy bits* from around the L.A. underground (and up).

  1. WTF: Did Franz Ferdinand Rip-Off L.A. Band Foot Village?!
  2. Elvis Perkins Plays Surprise Gig in Echo Park, Gallery 2023 Closes
  3. Dream-Poppers Languis Release Free Album, ‘Higher Hell’ [MP3]
  4. Snoop Dogg + Mayer Hawthorne Bromance, Pt. 3: The Remix
  5. Watch: The Amazing El Guincho Plays in Rainforest [MP3]
  6. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

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