Worlds Collide: Cool Kids, Travis Barker and 1500 Pairs of Sneakers Perform at the Music Box

The designer raps of Cool Kids Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks (Andrew Herrold)

But, “Sneakers can’t perform!” you exclaim in horror. Well, neither can Travis Barker it seems — at least for more than three minutes at a time. I jest though. Those three minutes when he was backing Chicago’s Cool Kids for the performance of their collabo song “Jump Down” were highly propulsive and nothing, ultimately, to scoff at. As for the acts that warmed up the stage before the Kid’s set down, well … scoff, scoff, scoff (via Spin).

Quote of the night: “We got confetti up in this bitch!”

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New Magazine! Plus, Words on Cool Kids, U-N-I, Themselves, and Anti-pop Consortium

Print ain’t dead, it just shrunk. To wit, Blink Media has just started up a brand new, free L.A.-circulated magazine dubbed Poptimist. It just so happens that said mag could fit into one’s back pocket, and without the classic rolling method that’s loosened so many perfect bindings. I haven’t held a copy in my hand yet, but I do have experience with these things, and I’d guess Poptimist‘s specs to be roughly 10 inches high by 6 wide. Though, if you click here, it can be however big you’d like it to. Once you’re firmly ensconced in those digital pages, you may want to turn to:

Page 24, for an update from Chicago hipster hoppers The Cool Kids.
Page 26, to explore the fabric of Compton’s fashion-forward U-N-I.
Page 45, for a critical take on Anti-Pop Consortium’s Flourescent Black.
Page 47, to read an overdue lauding of Themselves’ latest, CrownsDown.