Feature: Dirty Projectors and LA Phil Collaborate

With Bitte Orca, Dirty Projectors made the greatest album of 2009 — and, imho, one of the greatest albums of the last 10 years — a fact which I’ve really, truly gone out of my way to spread. And yet, how was I thanked for my efforts when I landed an LA Weekly feature on the band last year? With an interview by text message. Chalk it up to the distinct, unerring vision of head Projector Dave Longstreth — despite my initial frustrations with the format, the story came out all the better for it. That said, I jumped at the chance to actually speak to the man in advance of his band’s just-passed orchestral extravaganza at Disney Hall. Read about the making of that unique event here.

Things are looking up for Longstreth

Vamos a Guatemala!

Howdy there web friend. Things will be a little quieter around Funny Ha Ha for a little bit, as this blog’s sole author/editor is heading to Guatemala tomorrow morn. I’ve got a ton of fresh work dropping while I’m gone, starting with this somewhat unusual Dirty Projectors piece, Balls Deep In The R&B (via LA Weekly). I’ll attempt brief updates from time to time but all bets are off until my return. Fresh jungle air is calling…

Cult Bit: Best Music Of 2009 (so far)

Us A.V. Clubbers have spoken regarding the wonderful glut of great music 2009 hath wrought thusfar. You’ll find me at the top of the pile (read it here), waxing hyperbolic about: Animal Collective, DM Stith, Grizzly Bear, WHY? and Dirty Projectors. Read on from there to find some unexpected entries from Leonard Pierce (a vote for a recent Rhymesayers record) and Genevieve Koski, who brings a much-needed femme-focused perspective to the discussion.