Roundup: WHY? + Blond Chili, Avi Buffalo Gossip, Ben Harper + Flea?, Masked Musicians

Quick bloggy bits from the L.A. underground (and up):

(via West Coast Sound, LA Weekly)

Excuse our dust… (updates, videos, fun)

Some combination of nasty airborne particulates, awful heat, ill-advised all-nighters, catching up on FAIL Blog and various little stressers has resulted in a full week without updates to Funny Ha Ha. And yet, much has happened in that time. There’s a new installment of INCHES (number 5!), new show picks (including a night of indie rock from the Far East!), some bad news for vinyl heads (or good, if you’re in the market), and also, I suck all of the fun out of a local semi-super group called Music Go Music (here). These entries are being retroactively added to the site so as to hide my (lack of) tracks. And speaking of tracks, here’s what I purchased at Amoeba this week. (More after the jump.)

Bob Dylan – “Visions Of Johanna”
[replacing a lost copy of Blonde On Blonde Remastered]

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Music Go Music Revealed: Bodies Of Water, Chapin Sisters, Mezzanine Owls, others (MP3 + vids)

Secretly Canadian has signed a new L.A.-based band whose membership has been kept, well, secret. Until, that is, West Coast Sound blew the lid off of that mason jar. With a little bit of elbow grease and lots of Googling, Music Go Music‘s makeup has been revealed in its entirety, here (via LA Weekly), where you can download the ABBA-loving outfit’s music and watch them perform in outfits that ABBA would probably love.

Music Go Music go fencing?

Music Go Music go fencing?