Review: Violens Debut ‘Amoral’ Not as Hipster-Friendly as Predicted, Oh Well

An erstwhile Lansing-Dreiden member wants to get down with the new wave.

I wanted to like this. I did. I’m not a hater by nature. (And if I was, I’d hate the game, not the player.) But despite it’s superfreaky cover art and reliance upon chillwavey textures (I do love those), Violens’ Amoral also contains odd bits of nü-metal flair, which will never do. Did I dismiss it out of hand for a couple of ill-conceived buttrock chords? You betcha!

“Violens mastermind Jorge Elbrecht wants listeners to imagine his band’s art-pop debut as a Lynchian dream …”

Just kidding. I wouldn’t do that. Or would I? Find out at Spin.

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News Roundup: U-Pick New Devo Songs, Dam-Funk Does Human League, Henry Clay People, Mexicans With Guns, Inara George, and more…

They might be men, but they are definitely Devo.

Quick bloggy bits* from around the L.A. underground (and up).

  1. New Wave U-Pick: Help Choose the Songs for Devo’s Next Album
  2. Funk Yeah: Dam-Funk Covers Human League, Releases Video and MP3
  3. MP3 Exclusive: Nocando’s ‘Old Friend,’ from Passion of the Weiss
  4. Hear Songs from Henry Clay People’s New LP, Forthcoming on TBD
  5. MP3 Exclusive: “Me Gusto” by Mexicans With Guns [UPDATED]
  6. Download: Free Music from Inara George and Charlie Wadhams
  7. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

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Live in LA: Devo Whip It Good (on Spin)

Last night Devo surprised the hell out of the Henry Fonda Theater’s sold-out crowd. In short, the ancient New Wave innovators slayed, proving with grandly nerdy fanfare that, truly, age ain’t nothin’ but a number. They do it again tonight, except performing their 1980 LP, Freedom Of Choice, front to back, whereas last night’s show featured all of the band’s Brian Eno-produced debut, Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!. Read about it here, and check out the excellent photos from Andrew Herrold.