L.A. Experiential: The French invade L.A. – S├ębastien Tellier, Gonzales, Nouvelle Vague, Emilie Simon…

In September, several talented French performers are coming to Los Angeles for the first annual (?) Ooh La L.A. Festival. Read about it here (via LA Weekly), and though he won’t be performing, check out Paris’ Sliimy below because, well, the song and video are awesome. I have a feeling that understanding the lyrics might ruin it for me, but at surface value… love it.

Thanks, Coachella

I’m sure I’m not alone in admitting that I’m still recovering from three days spent soaking up desert sun and distortion. These things take time, and weaning, which is why I’d like to belatedly introduce my baby, Coachella Digital, Issue 1.

Still those clucking tongues: this is a real (digital) magazine. Goldenvoice knows better than to launch a publication that feels like a playbill, and they gave us more editorial freedom than I’ve experienced at some indie outfits.

In short, it’s an online/offline digital publication whose primary goal is to cover the culture of the modern music festival. It’s highly interactive, plenty literate, and features as much fresh talent as it does stories of those who operate behind the scenes.

It’s free for download here. Oh, and I’m the managing editor, which means I touch all the text.

Also, I blogged about the fest for LA Weekly here: