THURSDAY: DJ C-Dollerz Swags It Out at the Short Stop — Crunk, Hyphy, Ham, Trap and Weirdo Rap

This is going down, for real, and I can promise it will be super sloppy. The honorable Adam Weiss (Ham on Everything) has invited me to digitally spin an hour-long set of effed up rap music — swag, crunk, hyphy, trap, whatever — at one of my favorite Echo Park dives, The Short Stop. I will be joined by my oldest partner in grime, DJ Crazy Scotty Str8 From Rehab. 10/6 @ 10PM. Free fun.

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Funny Ha Ha Cameos on Golf Wang (OFWGKTA)

Shamelessness in profile.

[This blog used to be called Funny Ha Ha.] In a long series of pretty much solely self-indulgent posts, this might be rock bottom. But hey, I’m a fan as much as I’m a journalist, so this is me fanning out. The above shot was taken by Taco at Odd Future’s Low End Theory show last year (October?). That’s Left Brain on the left, and Tyler’s right eye on the right. More pictures from that night here, on the excellent Golf Wang photo Tumblr. Better shot from December below:

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