Take Two: Nevermen, St. Lucia, and Rihanna



Back in the saddle! In this week’s installment of “Tuesday Reviewsday” (peep the podcast on iTunes or at NPR), I chitchat about Rihanna’s Anti, share my favorite cuts from St. Lucia’s Matter, and super duper gush over the arrival of Nevermen—that’s the supergroup comprising freak king Mike Patton, werewolf/singer Tunde Adebimpe, and the night-terror-having cosmology-creating avant-rap poet laureate Doseone. Geeked. Listen below or via one of the links above.


Basketballhead wants to have you over for breakfast.

Tobacco wraps up a pretty effing stellar year with a rap tape, essentially. Three new songs, four oldish ones, all with rappers on ’em for the first time.

On “2 Thick Scoops,” Chicago’s Serengeti sounds as raw and hulking as the lurching track itself. “Unholy Demon” features an unknown named Icicle Frog who sounds like a B-boy Mooninite making with the freak-freak.

But there’s more! Over at The AV Club.

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Q&A: Themselves’ Doseone Talks About His Bizarro YouTube Comedy Series, TVhaha

Doseone and Jel enjoy a decidedly laugh-free sunset.

Last week, West Coast Sound caught up with Anticon linchpin Doseone (Themselves, Subtle, 13 & God, Crook & Flail) to talk about one of his more unlikely side-projects, TVhaha. He and his right-hand beatsmith Jel are responsible for a hilarious and totally bizarre YouTube comedy series that involves butchering ’80s and ’90s cinematic gems (the Van Damme oeuvre, for instance), then improvising new dialogue overtop.

Check that out, along with some clips, here.

Roundup: Flying Lotus Leaks, Fool’s Gold + Mariah, Anticon, Nite Jewel + Stones Throw

Quick bloggy bits* from around the L.A. underground (and up).

  1. Flying Lotus Leaks New Songs, Lil Wayne Remix
  2. Fool’s Gold & Mariah Carey – Love at First Screech (MP3)
  3. Indie Rap, Live Comedy & Short Films, Oh My! Anticon Hosts A/V Event at Crane’s Tonight (MP3)
  4. Nite Jewel Plays Free Show Tonight, Leaks New Song, Signs To Stones Throw?! (MP3s)
  5. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

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Zestfully mean

The A.V. Club recently released its “Spring Music” issue highlighting some fresh faces for the freshest of seasons. I spoke to Dan Deacon, Adam “doseone” Drucker (Themselves) and Bill Callahan, though not a single one of them seemed too stoked for the season. In fact, they were respectively cranky, aggressive and ponderous — but I’ll be damned if they didn’t give great interview.