L.A. Experiential: Jack White’s Pop-Up Label/Store Comes To L.A., The Dead Weather Cuts The Ribbon

It might verge on gratuitous understatement to suggest that Jack White has been a busy little rock goblin of late. The White Stripes are old hat by now, and the Raconteurs, well, that story’s been told as well. But the pace at which Mr. White is currently moving threatens to push even his new Dead Weather project, with Alison Mossheart of the Kills, into yesterday’s headlines. Fortunately, he’s bringing the band along for the ride.

This coming Wednesday, August 26, the Dead Weather will give a noontime in-store performance at Third Man Records And Novelties West, and if you don’t recognize the name of that shop, it’s because it doesn’t exist. Third Man Records is the label recently started by White, and though its got a permanent brick-and-mortar home in Nashville, the storefront has been touring. In mid-July, Third Man set up on New York for two days. This week, it’s coming to L.A.

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