Mandatory Pop Culture Tattoos

In which A.V. Club readers ask us: “Congress has passed a law requiring all people to get a pop-culture-related tattoo. What would you get and why?” Check out the entire list here. My response excerpted below …

Do we get tax breaks for already being branded? I’ve got four tattoos so far, and they’re all music-related. Here’s the inventory: Left wrist, inside: A cartoonized teardrop with legs, the latter making up the “LL” in the words circling it, “WE ALL TRY.” That’s a reference to the Frank Ocean song that really truly helped me contextualize my recent divorce (the teardrop dripping down from the ring hand, signifying loss, gangsta-style). Left bicep, outside: A Keith Haring-style bottle of booze and vinyl record holding hands and walking, the logo for a retired L.A. experimental music night dubbed “Calling All Kids,” which was named for the Arthur Russell song. Left wrist, inside: A pen-drawn character with the words “funny ha ha” coming out of his mouth in loopy cursive. It was inspired partly by cLOUDDEAD lyrics and custom-drawn for me by Yoni Wolf of WHY? and cLOUDDEAD. Right shoulder, outside: A super badass skull woodcut piece lifted from the cover of a dusty old classical record I picked up that happened to be Hector Berlioz’ 1830 opium-fueled opus, Symphonie Fantastique, an incredibly trippy piece that Leonard Bernstein acknowledged as the birth of psychedelia in music. (I lucked out on the justification behind that one.) So, yes, obviously my next tattoo is gonna be a “#HIPSTER” tramp stamp.

News Roundup: FlyLo Announces Live Band, Dublab Launches Weekly, Liars and more…

Flying Lotus contemplates world domination.

Quick bloggy bits from around the L.A. underground (and up). Share ’em.

  1. FEATURED: Lotus Announces Live Band, Release Shows*
  2. Dublab Takes Over Fridays at Hyperion Tavern
  3. Watch: Liars Debut Psych-Thriller Vid for L.A. Anti-Anthem
  4. Learning Music Kicks Off Third Free Album-A-Month Series
  5. MP3 Exclusive: Pollyn Covers ‘Tom’s Diner’ by S. Vega
  6. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

* “We’re trying to make people levitate. You won’t know where the floor is.” — Daddy Kev

Mini-Feature: Calling All Kids Calls it Quits

Hand in hand.

Hand in hand, the way it should be.

It bums me out something fierce to learn that this week’s installment of Calling All Kids will be its last. The Hyperion Tavern-hosted Friday-night hang has been a go-to for lovers of progressive music and cheap ale since it started up 15 months ago. Particularly, those who are involved with the good fight — writers, editors, publicists, artists, promoters, DJs, Dublabbers — seemed to take a shine to the place. Frankly, it felt like home.

So as I was taking a blog-powered trip down memory lane, I realized I’d never posted this little nugget on Funny Ha Ha. It’s really just a news piece about CAK’s one-year anniversary back in January, but since it includes a chat with the event’s creators Sodapop (Shaun Koplow of Anticon) and Matthewdavid (of Leaving Records), it seemed appropriate.

It also serves as a reminder that while the weekly may be called off, there’s undoubtedly more in store for the Calling All Kids name.

Read it here.

News Roundup: Matthewdavid Loses Tapes, Dead Meadow Loses Mind, Ahab and TAKE

And boy can he Cook. Nyuk nyuk.

It’s been a great week on the blogging front, which is why I’ve included that picture of a great Dane above, and the love below.

  1. Cash Offered for Stolen Dublab Cassettes, Money Mark Not a Suspect
  2. MP3 Exclusive: Take, ‘Don’t Look Now,’ Forthcoming on Alpha Pup
  3. Dead Meadow To Premier ‘Three Kings’ at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
  4. MP3 Exclusive(s): Two Flavors of Aural Insanity from Captain Ahab
  5. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

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News Roundup: Unreleased J Dilla Gem, Dublab DJs to ‘Spin’ Tapes, MP3 from Wounded Lion

Quick bloggy bits* from around the L.A. underground (and up).

Booze + tunes = Callng All Kids

  1. J Dilla Estate Drops Unreleased Gem, Greatest Slipmats Ever
  2. THIS FRIDAY: Dublab DJs ‘Spin’ Cassettes at Calling All Kids’ Top Tape
  3. Exclusive MP3: “Belt of Orion” by Wounded Lion (In the Red Records)
  4. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

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Trip-Out Tuesday: Psychedelic Visions from Red Sparowes

Quick bloggy bits* from around the L.A. underground (and up).

Durlin Lurt's 'Him Jenson'

  1. ‘Him Jenson’ Releases Wild Muppets Mixtape [MP3s]
  2. Dâm-Funk Making LPs w/ Steve Arrington, Nite Jewel [MP3]
  3. Trip-Out Tuesday: Psychedelic Visions from Red Sparowes
  4. And The Top Radiohead Benefit Donor Is… Dangerbird?
  5. ASKA of Moonrats Collaborates Flea, Spike Jonze
  6. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

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Trip-Out Tuesday: Psychedelic Visions from Red Sparowes

Bassmaker Shlohmo Signs To Friends Of Friends, Plays Calling All Kids Friday [MP3]

Something less, erm, bawdy from the L.A. music universe.

Friends Of Friends — friends of ours responsible for a growing crop of exciting releases — has just announced its signing of L.A./S.F. beat music artist, Shlohmo, a.k.a. 19-year-old Henry Laufer, a former intern at Dubab. […]  Shlohmo’s glitchy, bass-heavy soundscapes are already drawing comparisons to the output of Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing, both of whom are part of the Alpha Pup family, so dude should fit right in.

Read more, and download an MP3, here, via LA Weekly.