Besto 2010: Flying Lotus and Wavves in the A.V. Club’s Top 25 LPs (Plus, Funny Ha Ha’s Faves)

Wavves and Flying Lotus come in at #s 15 and 22

We here at Funny Ha Ha are counting on 2011 reasons that this brand new year will be even better than the last, musically speaking, but it’s still fun to look back. The A.V. Club recently posted its Top 25 albums of the year and yours truly wrote on two greats hailing from (usually) sunny Southern California — Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma, and Wavves’ King of the Beach. Dig into the entire list here, and when you’re done, you can check out my full ballot (which contributed to the democratically derived rankings of the main list), including blurbs on Warpaint, Glasser and Tyler the Creator.

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Besto 2010: Glasser, Ted Leo and Crystal Castles Make the Cut for Spin’s Top 40

They posed for this: Ted Leo (33), Glasser (27) and Crystal Castles (21).

It’s that time of year, folks. Bestolium 2010. Fill in the holes in yr collection before stuff yr mama buys you for the holidaze duz. You can read Spin’s entire top 40 best albums of the year, and you can also jump straight to my pieces if you’re so inclined: Ted Leo, Glasser, and Crystal Castles.

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Review: Glasser Gets All the Druids Dancing with Her Debut LP, ‘Ring’

Glass(er) art freaking rules. Did she buy this in Cambria?

I’ve been enamored with the music of … wait, that sounds familiar, though I guess that proves the point. It really has been a minute since Glasser first pricked up the ears of various music-loving sheep and wolves in the  L.A. area. It was over a year ago that we drank tea at the Casbah and chatted about her pops being in Blue Man Group. Now she’s on Matador and has a brand new, really ____ album. Sorry, not giving away the cow. Because these Spin reviews are so brief, here’s a quote that doesn’t say much at all:

“Somewhere, druids are dancing around a circle of stones.”

But it painted a picture for you right? Flesh it out with some words.

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News: New Abe Vigoda Song, We Are the World Video, Plus Baths, What Laura Says, Big Search

Abe Vigoda, not throwing shade

Quick bloggy bits from around the L.A. underground (and up). Share ’em.

  1. FEATURED: Abe Vigoda Goes All ’80s On New ‘Crush’ LP*
  2. Baths Guest for Fol Chen Record Release at The Echo
  3. We Are the World channel Manson in New Video
  4. ‘Lambhair McDaniel,’ by Devendra Banhart Favorite
  5. Popieluch of Foreign Born and Fool’s Gold as Big Search

(all stories via West Coast Sound, via L.A. Weekly)

* The press release for Crush promises “glassy shards of ‘cold wave’ pop, with synthesisers, sequencers and altogether broodier beats.”

INCHES005: New Wax from The Mars Volta, Glasser, Wet Hair, Kissing Cousins (+ MP3s, video, chart)

Man alive, it’s number five! The West Coast Sound vinyl column rings in a brand new prime number with INCHES005, featuring some truly glorious wax courtesy of The Mars Volta (Rodriguez-Lopez Productions), Glasser (True Panther Sounds), Kissing Cousins (Velvet Blue Music), and Wet Hair (Not Not Fun).

Wet Hair, Glass Fountain

Wet Hair, "Glass Fountain"

Also inside: trippy video of the Glasser 12-inch package being assembled, free music to download, and a fresh top-ten from Vacation Vinyl.

Q&A: Foreign Born leaves “no spot un-percussed”

You may have read about Foreign Born’s intimate record release show a few weeks back, or about singer Matt Popieluch’s role in the fantastic Glasser project, but in this new interview, Popieluch covers it all: past, present, future, collaborations with outfits like Cass McCombs’ and Fool’s Gold, and the genesis of FB’s fantastic ode to summers in Los Angeles, Person To Person. Read up.

“Winter Games,” from Person To Person.

Feature: Glasser’s Spectacle, Meet Miss Mesirow

I’ve been enamored with the music of Los Feliz-based Glasser, a.k.a. Cameron Mesirow, for some number of months now, but I’ve mostly gazed from afar. There’s something about her humble-but-bejeweled, dreamy electronic folk-pop that begs to lie undisturbed, like a reflecting pool. Flowery language, I know, but it serves to say that when I finally got the chance to talk to Miss Mesirow, my fears were quelled: to know her music’s story is not to know her songs’ secrets. And discovering that her father is in Blue Man Group is a bizarro sidenote.

Check it all out for yourself at LA Weekly (also on stands). You can also listen to Glasser’s “Apply” in the Lala player.