Review: Glasser Gets All the Druids Dancing with Her Debut LP, ‘Ring’

Glass(er) art freaking rules. Did she buy this in Cambria?

I’ve been enamored with the music of … wait, that sounds familiar, though I guess that proves the point. It really has been a minute since Glasser first pricked up the ears of various music-loving sheep and wolves in the  L.A. area. It was over a year ago that we drank tea at the Casbah and chatted about her pops being in Blue Man Group. Now she’s on Matador and has a brand new, really ____ album. Sorry, not giving away the cow. Because these Spin reviews are so brief, here’s a quote that doesn’t say much at all:

“Somewhere, druids are dancing around a circle of stones.”

But it painted a picture for you right? Flesh it out with some words.

More pictures (the lovely kind):