Meet Brothers Backword

The Bomarr Blog has the exclusive on the musical debut of a heretofore shrouded project featuring Passage of Anticon and Restiform Bodies. The Stupid Intelligent Mixtape, by Brothers Backword, is free for download and features 20+ minutes of danceable rap spit and sung by Passage and vocalist Mike Busse. It’s highly stylish stuff — smart and fun — and it incorporates a dozen or so fantastic song samples and partial covers. Find the Fugazi snippet.

Also Restiform-relevant: there’s been a spate of music-related plagiarism cases in the news lately, and I’d venture to say the RBs could have a case. Witness, first, the title and album art of their most recent album, TV Loves You Back:

And now, the just-announced, quite similar title and rather busted cover art of the upcoming DVD from, ahem, Starbucks artist Sia:

You can also read about Restiform Bodies in this mini feature I wrote from BPM last year. Sadly, that magazine just retired its printing press.