Remember the Coachella Cruise?



Posterity Post: I wrote thousands of articles while on staff at SPIN, and blogged none of them.

Well, do you? This guy does. He was there and it was awesome. On the first day, Pulp performed in the boat’s massive internal ballroom, while Broaters on the top deck got gross in the hot tubs. On the second day, Father John Misty played to a bunch of rich, unappreciative assholes, and Grimes hosted a game of bingo. On the third day, James Murphy poured rare wine and Black Lips convinced me to eat escargot. I documented the weirdness for SPIN.

If you’ve never ridden an elevator inside of a boat, you can’t truly comprehend the stubborn yet marvelous moxie of the human spirit. And if you haven’t emerged from said elevator, attempting to reach your cabin on the 11th deck, to find Jarvis Cocker waiting to get on, than you weren’t on the S.S. Coachella. — Day One, 7:40 p.m.