Tyga Wouldn’t Call It a Comeback, but You Can


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Look. Tyga is no one’s favorite rapper. Tyga is no one’s favorite tabloid spectacle either. But the thing about meeting Tyga, and talking to Tyga, and absorbing the bizarre lightness of being that is Tyga, is Tyga knows exactly who Tyga is, who you want Tyga to be, and how Tyga can succeed in this world… when Tyga wants to. At least, that’s what Tyga says. And I believe it. I didn’t love the guy, but I did love how refreshingly real he was about his place in the zeitgeist. Weirdly, it was inspirational. Plus, “Taste” and “Swish” are raunchy fucking bangers that demand to be looped in a four-song playlist with David Banner’s “Play” and Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up.” Amen.