Stacy’s Mom Returns: Fountains of Wayne Debut New Songs at the Troubadour

Fountains of Wayne performing at the Troubadour. With young people!

So, like, I had no idea people still cared about Fountains of Wayne but, you know, “if you build it” and suchlike. The Troubadour was packed out/in on Friday night for the dudes, who got a little help from drummer Brian Young’s son, a girl named Marilyn on her 18th b-day, and a guy who looked like a miniature take on the mustachioed fellow from Local Natives. Look! The guy is singing along! He knew all the lyrics! And he wasn’t even born when the band formed! From one-hit wonders to … stuff hip(pie) moms and their hip(ster) sons bond over?

Anyway, I reviewed the thing for Spin, and made far more sense doing so than I expected to, which is prolly why no one commented. Also, Erik Voake is dope (say it with me: “Erik Voake is dope“).