Breaking Out (Already Broke!): Lady Gaga Buddy Band Semi Precious Weapons

Semi Precious Weapons. They look douchesque, but they're just fabulous.

Being fabulous isn’t easy. I’ve never tried myself, but only because it’s such a commitment. Look at that photo up there — you’ve really gotta put it out there. Though I pride myself on the “open shirt look,” I just don’t have a good sneer, or bad hair. Damn me. You may think I’m poking fun (and I am, a little), but Semi Precious Weapons frontman/godhead Justin Tranter gives really great interview, and his story is a worthy read. Plus, considering his band’s been touring with Lady Gaga for about 90 years (exaggeration alert), he’s everywhere — which qualifies him as newsworthy. No more excuses. Just read it.

(“It” also happens to be in the November issue of Spin magazine.)