Playboy Profile: Justin Tranter Is the Hero Pop Needs



This one has been a long time coming. Justin Tranter deserves a profile as much as any of the pop stars I’ve written cover stories on for Billboard: Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Fifth Harmony, Cardi B, Nick Jonas… in part because he’s cowritten hit songs for all of them, and also (mostly) because he is an incredible human and indefatigable activist who’s fought against some long odds to succeed on multiple fronts in a very massive way. You can read all about his exploits in this Playboy profile, but Tranter has been popping up in my work for years. I wrote a piece on his old band Semi Precious Weapons for SPIN in 2010, and have consulted him as a secondary on so many pieces since. He’s been a huge part of making pop palatable again, and is helping shape the future for LGBTQ acceptance in America. Plus, he’s building schools. Enjoy.

Breaking Out (Already Broke!): Lady Gaga Buddy Band Semi Precious Weapons

Semi Precious Weapons. They look douchesque, but they're just fabulous.

Being fabulous isn’t easy. I’ve never tried myself, but only because it’s such a commitment. Look at that photo up there — you’ve really gotta put it out there. Though I pride myself on the “open shirt look,” I just don’t have a good sneer, or bad hair. Damn me. You may think I’m poking fun (and I am, a little), but Semi Precious Weapons frontman/godhead Justin Tranter gives really great interview, and his story is a worthy read. Plus, considering his band’s been touring with Lady Gaga for about 90 years (exaggeration alert), he’s everywhere — which qualifies him as newsworthy. No more excuses. Just read it.

(“It” also happens to be in the November issue of Spin magazine.)

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