You Thought I Fell Off

That's a picture of a tumbleweed. Someone named Michael Anthony took it.

But dammit, I didn’t. Any time things get quiet around here, it just means VERY exciting things are happening elsewhere. Or, quite possibly, that my intern had to go back to school, bless her. But look at this! My WordPress analytics (wank wank) tell me that people have kept coming (didn’t foresee the awkwardness of combining wanking with the end of that sentence). You care! You really, really do! Shucks, guys. I feel purty special.

So that tumbleweed signifies what’s been going on at the surface level ’round Funny Ha Ha (shoulda used that picture of the kitten hanging on for dear life), but underneath (say, in that water up there), all kinds of things have been happening. There’ve been features, reviews, news stories, wild accusations, yellow journalism, blue images (NSFW, ya’ll!), tons of new free MP3s and other stuff that it seems you like. Plus, I’ve been drinking beer. Stuff like Theobroma and Knuckle Sandwich. Get it.

SO, when I’m done emptying my wallet and soul at Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank (bless them too), I’m actually going to update Funny Ha Ha with everything (absolutely everything) that’s happened over the past month. Because of you. You, and my need as a starving freelancer with a craft beer habit to appear busy and, hence, desirable for hiring.

;) Emoticon!