Cult Bit: Wallpaper. AutoTunes Jay-Z

It’s my honor to introduce a furiously banging track by my dear friends in Oakland-based duo Wallpaper. This thing should be viral soon enough, but for now, you can stream it and download (by right-clicking) below.

Jay-Z & Wallpaper. – “D.O.A. + 99 Problems (Wallpaper. Remix)”

Now the backstory: Jay-Z recently contributed his piece to the raging (har har) international debate over the blatant overuse of AutoTune in radio pop. Essentially hopping on an already existing meme, he named his track “D.O.A. (Death Of Autotune)” — co-produced, ironically, by one of the fad’s biggest abusers, Kanye West — and caused a stir with the lyric, “This is anti-AutoTune / Death of the ringtone / This ain’t for iTunes / This ain’t for sing-along.”

Here, Wallpaper., a group that’s used AutoTune as an instrument since early 2005 (that’s pre-T-Pain, for those taking notes), repurposes that lyric for a very singable, digitally modified hook. The somewhat brillaint ironic appropriation doesn’t end there, however. The meat of the track comes from Jay’s monstrous 2004 hit, “99 Problems,” which leads to this rather astute line from Wallpaper vocalist Ricky Reed: “I’ve got 99 problems but my pitch ain’t one.”

Oh, and did I mentioned that Jay’s voice is AutoTuned throughout?

Feature: L.A.’s new underground mecca

Tucked-away northeast L.A. venue The Airliner has been playing host to some exceedingly fresh talent on Wednesday nights under the Low End Theory banner. Names like Flying Lotus, Nocando, and Nosaj Thing are regulars there, and you can read about the latter-most (Nosaj) in a feature published in this week’s LA Weekly, online here.

I’m happy to report that music news aggregator The Daily Swarm picked up the article. It should remain on the front page through the weekend. If you dig beat music and you’re L.A.-local, I highly recommend a visit to L.E.T. The resident DJ is none other than D-Styles, which is a mind-boggling thought in and of itself:

Meet Brothers Backword

The Bomarr Blog has the exclusive on the musical debut of a heretofore shrouded project featuring Passage of Anticon and Restiform Bodies. The Stupid Intelligent Mixtape, by Brothers Backword, is free for download and features 20+ minutes of danceable rap spit and sung by Passage and vocalist Mike Busse. It’s highly stylish stuff — smart and fun — and it incorporates a dozen or so fantastic song samples and partial covers. Find the Fugazi snippet.

Also Restiform-relevant: there’s been a spate of music-related plagiarism cases in the news lately, and I’d venture to say the RBs could have a case. Witness, first, the title and album art of their most recent album, TV Loves You Back:

And now, the just-announced, quite similar title and rather busted cover art of the upcoming DVD from, ahem, Starbucks artist Sia:

You can also read about Restiform Bodies in this mini feature I wrote from BPM last year. Sadly, that magazine just retired its printing press.

Q&A: Ain’t it “Funkee,” now?

Actually, no. Since Del Tha Funkee Homosapien’s return last year, his output has been credited to one “Del The Funky Homosapien.” In this brand new A.V. Club interview posted in Chicago, yours truly gets to the bottom of this troubling mystery. Naturally, we discuss a few other things as well. Far more impressive is this, the still-fresh video for Del’s “Get It Right Now,” which happens to be directed by my dear brah-league, Grant James:

Zestfully mean

The A.V. Club recently released its “Spring Music” issue highlighting some fresh faces for the freshest of seasons. I spoke to Dan Deacon, Adam “doseone” Drucker (Themselves) and Bill Callahan, though not a single one of them seemed too stoked for the season. In fact, they were respectively cranky, aggressive and ponderous — but I’ll be damned if they didn’t give great interview.