Review: Local Natives’ Debut LP Gets Some Last Minute Love from the A.V. Club

Your head may explode too when you hear 'Gorilla Manor'.

Every year, The A.V. Club rounds up a handful of the albums they skipped over in the preceding 12 months in an attempt to make good, critically speaking. It’s a fun feature — a “sorry we missed you” of sorts — that gives the writers a chance to repitch the records that kept us going through the hard times (like, say, when we had to review Black Eyed Peas’ new one).

Here’s a snippet of my digi-ink on Local Natives’ Gorilla Manor:

At first, L.A.’s Local Natives just looked like a West Coast response to others’ great ideas—a sun-baked indie mash-up as potentially unsatisfying as the raw vegan snack that description makes it sound like …

Uh-oh. Could go anywhere from there. Read more via The A.V. Club.