Review: Local Natives’ Debut LP Gets Some Last Minute Love from the A.V. Club

Your head may explode too when you hear 'Gorilla Manor'.

Every year, The A.V. Club rounds up a handful of the albums they skipped over in the preceding 12 months in an attempt to make good, critically speaking. It’s a fun feature — a “sorry we missed you” of sorts — that gives the writers a chance to repitch the records that kept us going through the hard times (like, say, when we had to review Black Eyed Peas’ new one).

Here’s a snippet of my digi-ink on Local Natives’ Gorilla Manor:

At first, L.A.’s Local Natives just looked like a West Coast response to others’ great ideas—a sun-baked indie mash-up as potentially unsatisfying as the raw vegan snack that description makes it sound like …

Uh-oh. Could go anywhere from there. Read more via The A.V. Club.

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Breaking Out: Local Natives

Local Natives can do serious, but they prefer food fights.

Excitement abounds! My first official Spin feature, small though it may be, is available to read online right now. See it with your own wide eyes. The “Breaking Out” piece on L.A.’s own Local Natives — fine people and finer musicians — will appear in print in the September issue of the magazine.