Best of L.A. 2018: All That Glitters Is Goldblum



Chaos Theory won’t explain the fact that two of my three Best of L.A. entries for Los Angeles Magazine this year take place at Rockwell Table and Stage. Well, maybe it does. Honestly, Ian Malcolm didn’t give the most coherent lecture on the subject. Or he did, but the fact that Jeff Goldblum’s flirt switch is forever stuck in the “on” position obscured the lesson. But goddamn if that isn’t the beauty of The ‘Blum, one of the rare grown American men in this world who can make anyone he meets feel, um, desired without coming across as an, ah, total creep. But that’s an essay for another day. Here, I’ve written about the best Celeb-Fronted Music Residency, which, yes, goes to Goldblum at Rockwell; the best Live Musical Parodies of Movies, which, yes, goes to the UMPO crew at Rockwell; and the best Guided Urban Historical Hike (which goes to the fantastic L.A. native, historian, and journalist Charles Fleming). So, ah, go, um, read about it.


Author Charles Fleming Releases L.A. Urban Hiking Gem, ‘Secret Stairs’

Charles Fleming poses for the L.A. Times

Good friend and fantastic writer Charles Fleming has released a book compiling more than 40 urban (some less so) hikes around Los Angeles, revolving around this city’s largely unexplored network of public staircases. Some climb through the woods, others wind through architectural landmarks and celebrity estates, all offer an informative, intimate look at one of the world’s most misunderstood metropolises. Buy it at Skylight if you’re able (where it’s currently number five among “Paperback Nonfiction Bestsellers”), or here if you have to. It’s called Secret Stairs: A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles, and you can read Fleming’s story in this piece by L.A. Times‘ Steve Lopez.