The Secret Concert Series You Need to Know About



A selection of people you might see at a Sofar Sounds secret show: moms and dads on benches with wine, hipster youth on blankets with LA Croix, hirsute heshers on walls with beers, teens on top of Taco Bell wrappers eating Taco Bell, pretty people floating on air drinking air. One of the unique side effects of throwing shows with unknown lineups is the L.A.-rare intermingling of various types of music fans, and it’s a good good thing. In fact, there are many good good things about Sofar Sounds—perhaps goodest of all is that it puts the intimacy and discovery back into seeing live music. To say much of anything about how it works would be to give away, like, 90 percent of the article, so I’ll refrain. But I will say this: the piece was edited to read “Venice Blvd. event space” in the first sentence, but it should say “Venice Blvd. clothing boutique” because throwing shows in unusual places is a huge part of what makes Sofar—wait for it—so good.