City Musicians Are Going Rural: William Ryan Fritch, Zammuto, and Monome for Modern Farmer



Made it into Modern Farmer right before the big shakeup—my editor published this, and walked two days later. This piece is close to my heart, and not just because it features one of my favorite humans, William Ryan Fritch, plus two other dudes I deeply admire: the Books co-founder Nick Zammuto and Monome inventor Brian Crabtree. It’s about the collision of old world and new—the fact that modern technology affords us the opportunity to live off the grid. This means artists and aesthetes like these can set up shop in spaces far more conducive to inspiration than the urban environs. I hope this can evolve into a bigger project for me and photographer Nathaniel Wood, who shot Willow and Jaden Smith about an hour before we road-tripped in his Prius to the chicken-rich farmlands of Petaluma. (Sorry about the dog bite, buddy.)